Ryan&Ryan’s 60th anniversary journey took a spin down memory lane recently when Bob Ryan joined WGHQ Kingston Community Radio Feel Good Friday’s morning show with Tony Marmo and Rich Matthews.
It was a magical hour.

Warm exchanges among Bob Ryan and co-hosts Tony Marmo and Rich Matthews established the context – family, community and business – leading to the formation Ryan& Ryan Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Their conversation set forth the cultural warp and weft that defines, and indeed, distinguishes Kingston.

Among all three, especially for Rich Matthews memories of the earlier years, were firsthand accounts, reaching back to the beginning when Robert J. Ryan, Sr. began the insurance business by acquiring the Duffy Agency in Rosendale. The open-mic huddle tacked across the years, painting a canvas of a close in community of families in the Lounsbury Place and Johnston Ave. Uptown neighborhood. The boys of then are leading businesses in the county today.

They have continued the tradition of serving community groups, contributing to nonprofit causes, and rolling up sleeves to get the work done.

But memory lane alone, it was not. Bob talked about the future, the emergence of today’s post-IBM present that has made Kingston a draw for City-weary young professionals and a Mecca for those seeking a fresh approach to quality of life.
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