June Spotlight on Ryan & Ryan Health Insurance

Yvonne Wynkoop - Ryan and Ryan
Yvonne Wynkoop, Benefits Specialist

Meet the competitively priced and innovative CDPHP Silver Copay First plan!

How does it work?

Copayment Phase
Members pay only a copayment for all services received. CDPHP tracks the total allowed charge for each service until the Copay First accumulator amount for individuals or families is reached.

Preventive visits don’t count toward the copay phase, meaning employees stay in it longer.

Deductible Phase
Members move into the deductible phase and pay the total allowed charge for each service until the plan deductible/out-of-pocket max is reached. Members can access their current status online and also receive personalized reminders from CDPHP.

TIP: Offer a health funding account to offset member out-of-pocket costs!

When asked about who would benefit most from this unique health insurance plan, R&R Benefits Specialist Yvonne Wynkoop stated:

“The CDPHP Silver Copay First plan is a great fit for individuals who average under $3,000 a year in medical claims that are seeking the comfort of a copay plan at a lower monthly premium from an award winning, A+ rated health carrier. Dependent upon utilization, you may remain in the copayment phase for the entire plan year. CDPHP’s national network, price check technology, wellness discounts, and Health Reimbursement Account rounds this out as an affordable, comprehensive health plan that is one of a kind in the Hudson Valley.”

Click here for more information about this plan from CDPHP, or ask us for a quote and start enjoying copay first benefits today! For questions or to get a quote, contact Yvonne Wynkoop at ywynkoop@ryaninsure.com or call us at 845-340-0001.