March Client of the Month: John Mallen Communications

jmc-marketing-communications-and-prJohn Mallen Communications
, March’s Client of the Month, is a marketing communications and PR firm located in uptown Kingston. Owned and operated by John Mallen, JMC is a firm that “moves with the agility, speed, and flexibility needed to meet the radically changing realities of clients and businesses.” 

Founded in New York City in 1987 as an alternative to the traditional “large, impersonal, politically-driven Madison Avenue agency,” John Mallen set out to create a global, full-service agency that could offer the breadth and depth of experience found in large agencies by leveraging relationships with affiliates and independent contractors—and JMC was born. 

Drawn by the beauty of the Hudson Valley and its quality of life, John decided to move JMC’s headquarters to Kingston in 1995; but with a strong commitment to technology and proximity to NYC, he was able to continue to ensure that the company was efficiently serving its clients throughout the country and around the globe.

Johm Mallen Communications Team Photo

JMC offers a variety of services, including public relations, strategy and consulting, marketing communication and research services, creative development, and their popular Messaging Platform service. However, JMC’s professional core competency is public relations, where they excel in dealing with the media, customer relations, and regulatory agencies thanks to a widespread network of professional affiliations as well as being a member of the Public Relations Global Network. These connections allow JMC to tap into resources across all seven continents. 

JMC has been insured by Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers since 2009. When asked why they chose R&R as their insurance agency, John responded by stating:

“As my business grew from a desk and computer in a rented office, I discovered we were managing a mix of insurance policies and dealing with a scattering of brokers for both business and residential needs. That led me on a search for a one-stop solution and through trial and error ultimately to Ryan & Ryan.”

John went on to add:

“Bob and his team have been with us through the inevitable ebb and flow of life and business. I value the firm as a trusted, practical, and compassionate resource through the seasons.”

If your business is in need of marketing communications and/or PR services, give John a call at 845-331-1200, email, or head over to to learn even more about our March Client of the Month!