November Spotlight on Ryan & Ryan Life Insurance

Yvonne Wynkoop - Ryan and Ryan
Yvonne Wynkoop, Benefits Specialist

Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers provides protection for your health, home, car, business, and other belongings—but what if something happened to YOU? 

Life insurance is an incredibly important part of your overall financial picture, and we’re proud to offer life insurance solutions that can protect your family, business, and heirs in the event of illness or death. (To learn more about how exactly life insurance can offer protection in each of these areas, click here.) 

At Ryan & Ryan, we understand that life insurance options can be confusing to navigate. But whether you’re wondering the difference between Term or Permanent Insurance or how much coverage you need, our licensed advisors are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Already have life insurance? 

When was the last time you reviewed your policy? Purchasing a life insurance policy shouldn’t be a “buy it and forget it” transaction. It’s incredibly important to periodically review your plan to ensure it’s meeting your financial objectives. (Here’s a look at the factors to consider when reviewing your coverage.)

When asked how life insurance has changed over the years, R&R Benefits Specialist Yvonne Wynkoop stated:

“Originally designed to provide for those who would be financially hurt by our death, life insurance has expanded to include more sophisticated financial strategies. Today, life insurance can be used to help you achieve your financial goals while alive and well.”

Whether you’ve held a life insurance policy for years or this is your first time considering one, R&R is ready to answer any questions you may have and/or discuss your policy options further. You can contact Yvonne anytime at or call us at 845-340-0001.