November Client of the Month: Richard Gerentine

Richard Gerentine, November’s Client of the Month, owns and operates a number of senior housing sites throughout Ulster County. His properties are known for being some of the most reputable and affordable senior housing projects in the area.

Designed to house residents 55 and older and 62 and older (depending on the location), Richard Gerentine operates four properties: Jenny’s Garden I and II, which comprises 66 units in Marlboro; Milton Harvest with 47 units, located in Milton; and Golden View in Highland with 51 units. And coming in 2025 to the town of Lloyd will be Silver Gardens, a 57 unit property that Richard Gerentine is partnering with RUPCO on to provide even more affordable housing options for seniors in the area. 

Jennys Garden

Jenny’s Garden in Marlborough was the first senior housing community that Richard opened in 1998, although the location was not new to him. In fact, the property used to be Richard’s grandmother’s farmstead, where she grew vegetables, raised chickens, and had horses—living off the land. Richard even called the farmstead home for a few years when he was a child, so when he had the opportunity to purchase the property, he jumped at the chance.

Milton Harvest

When asked why he got involved in senior housing, he stated, “I wanted to give back to the community and provide something for seniors to stay independent and have their own place of living that was affordable.” Richard went on to say that his sites give tenants a sense of belonging and pride in having their own place. 

All of Richard Gerentine’s properties are one-bedroom, and provide residents with affordable income based pricing, a private porch or balcony, mail service, laundry room, ADA compliant standards, storage area, handicap accessibility, medical monitoring, an elevator, bus service transportation, and more. In addition, residents enjoy frequent activities in the community rooms, including Bingo, dinners, holiday parties, and gatherings.

Richard Gerentine’s properties have been insured by Ryan & Ryan Insurance Brokers for the past three years. When asked why they chose R&R as their insurance agency, Richard responded by stating:

“I’ve known Bob for many years. We sat down one day and were discussing our insurance needs, and Ryan & Ryan was able to provide insurance for all of our projects. I like to use local people and I’m glad we were able to come together. We’ve found them to very knowledgeable and accommodating regarding any questions we have about our insurance.”

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about any of Richard Gerentine’s senior housing sites, visit for more information or download an application, or call 845-236-2604 to learn more about our November Client of the Month.