Ryan & Ryan Claimant Success Story: The Donovans

On Saturday, July 9th, Jim and Julie Donovan of Kingston, NY, left for Cape Cod to enjoy a weeklong vacation at the beach. But their vacation was cut short after just 4 days into their trip, when they received phone calls from neighbors letting them know that not only had a tornado raced through their neighborhood, but it had also left a tree on their house and significant other damage in its wake. 

The Donovans live in a 1874 Victorian home with a full second story front porch that is directly over a full first story front porch. Their neighbor’s 70 foot maple tree snapped and 50 feet of it (5 tons) fell into the front of their home causing major damage to both porches. The main damage was to the support beam between the porches—both porches now need to be removed and rebuilt.

The Donovans home saw other minor damage as well, in addition to a lot of landscape destruction, including a magnificent 60 year old magnolia tree that was completely leveled when the maple tree fell onto it.

Donovan Ryan and Ryan Claim

After hearing the devastating news, the Donovans left Cape Cod at 5am on Thursday, July 14th, and immediately called Ryan & Ryan from the car on their way back to Kingston. Minutes after arriving home, a representative from Ryan & Ryan was at their house, checking on the damage, and taking photos to submit to the insurance carrier, Erie Insurance.

When the Donovans were asked about their experience working with R&R as their insurance broker, Julie responded by stating:

“The office staff has been wonderful! They have been concerned and caring, very efficient, and always available.”

Within just four days of the claim, Erie Insurance began sending the Donovans’ checks so that they could begin the process of repairing the damage to their home. Julie had nothing but wonderful things to say about working with Erie: 

“I cannot begin to tell you what a real pleasure it has been dealing with Erie Insurance. Luckily, we have not had to deal with insurance claims before so I had no idea what to expect. They have made a very stressful situation into a very manageable one. They were always available, very understanding, fair, responsive, and their payments were immediate.”

Julie closed by saying, “We could not be happier with both Ryan & Ryan and Erie Insurance. We have recommended both businesses several times over in the past couple of months and will continue to tell our positive story to anyone who will listen!” 

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